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With 10 Minutes Email you can create an unlimited number of Temp Mail, Disposable Email, Short Term Email, and Throwaway Emails in just a single click. The website is 100% free to use.

Today in this world we need email addresses for every online website whether we are doing online shopping, joining an online forum, or creating an account on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Without having a valid Email Address, you can join any of these.

Having an email ID is crucial and super useful as well.

But on the other hand, there are bad people also living in our world. Sometimes these online websites where we use our personal email to buy or to get access to any service, save our data including email addresses, and sell them to third-party companies later without our permission.

If they have access to our personal emails, they misuse our emails.

The only effective and perfect solution to get rid of this kind of issue is to use a 10 Minutes Email Service which is also known as Temp Mail, Temporary Email, or Disposable Email Online.

Get Rid Of Spam Emails and Keep Your Personal Email Inbox Clean from spam & Junk Emails

Yes, this kind of 10 Minutes Email service can help you keep your personal email inbox clean of irrelevant and promotional emails.

You can get any kind of OTP and verification email on our website in just a few seconds without any hassle. So, there is no need to use your personal email to get any online service.

How To Use 10 Minutes Email?

Here is step by step guide on how you can use our website and get the best result from it.

  • Go to Google and type 10minutesemail.email OR you can directly go to this URL here https://10minutesemail.email/
  • On the homepage, you can see the email creation box. You can also see all the feasible options here
  • Type your desired name or word on which you need a 10 Minutes Email and choose the domain name from the dropdown list on the right
  • Click on the Create a random email button below
  • Your email will be ready at this stage
  • You can use the copy to clipboard button just below the email box
  • You can also change, delete, and refresh using any button available here

10 Minutes Email VS Regular Email

Purpose: 10-minute emails are used for the short term, but regular emails can be used for a lifetime. They cannot be removed unless and until the user deletes the email or by removed by the owner/company for any policy violations.

Anonymity: 10 Minutes Emails are highly secure and private. There is no need to provide any kind of personal details while creating a temp mail. But on the other hand, personal details are required to create a regular email.

Communication: Temp Mail is not recommended for longer communications, while regular emails are perfect for staying in touch with someone for a longer period. Because you always have access to regular email.

Attachments: If you have to send larger files over email. Temp Mail or 10 Minutes Email cannot do that for you only regular email will work, and you can send a larger file via email.

Professional Use: 10 Minutes Emails are not suitable for professional uses. Not recommended for use such as sending job applications, or business-related interactions. But regular email is the best option to use for professional uses like sending official emails, job applications, etc.

Storage: Temp Mail does not have storage capacity or functionality at all. On the other hand, regular emails provide enough administration capacity for each individual account holder.

How To Choose The Best 10 Minute Mail?

Before going with any Temp Mail Service make sure they are providing these features.

  1. Fast Registration Speed
  2. Full Privacy
  3. Functionality
  4. Spam Protection from Spammers
  5. CAPTCHA Protection
  6. Auto Email Delete Option

Fast Registration Speed

One of the main reasons for using 10 Minutes Email is the fast and convenient registration process. Normally Temp Mail services do not require any registration.

If you are using a 10-Minutes Email Service make sure that there is no need for registration at all.

Full Privacy

All Short-term Email Services provide 100% secure and private email service. Online security and data protection is a crucial point that can not be compromised.


Make sure that the disposable email service you are using provides all kind of the latest updated functionalities which make it stands out from other services available in the market.

Spam Protection From Spammers

Yes, it is also crucial to know if the email service is not providing spam protection then using a Short Term Email will be useless. Because we are using it to avoid spammers.

CAPTCHA Protection

CAPTCHA is the only way that can help to avoid bots from a website.

What CAPTCHA actually does is, it will pop up a human verification checkbox to prove that the user who is visiting the website is a real human, not a bot.

Auto Email Delete Options

This is a unique function and feature of every temp mail or short-term email service. It will delete the email automatically after a specific time period.

Removing temp mail automatically can be the best way to keep your personal details safe and secure from third-party advertising agencies.

Benefits Of Using 10 Minutes Email - Why We Need a 10-Minute Email?

  1. Avoiding Spam
  2. Protecting Privacy
  3. Verification and Activation
  4. One-Time Use
  5. Use Short Term Email for Testing Purposes
  6. Use Temp Mail for Trials
  7. Avoiding Unwanted Communication
  8. Avoiding Account Creation
  9. Protecting Personal Information Online Using Temp Mail
  10. Online Shopping Using 10 Minutes Email
  11. Anonymous Feedback
  12. Temporary Communication
  13. Protection against Malware
  14. Blocking Email Harvesters
  15. Use of Disposable Email for Academic or Professional Use
  16. Use Temp Mail on Online Forums

#1- Avoiding Spam

10 Minutes Emails are a great source to avoid spam in email sending and receiving. Whenever you use your personal email for email newsletters or any other online services. 10 Minutes Email can help you to avoid this kind of spam.

#2- Protecting Privacy

Online privacy is becoming challenging with the advancement in technology. Scammers are always looking to find a loophole in the online system to breach and get the data of millions of online users. There are a lot of such incidents that happened before where tons of data were breached and people's personal data on online platforms.

The only solution to protect your privacy online is to use a Temporary Email

#3- Verification and Activation

Whenever we sign up for an account on any online platform using our personal email, we receive an instant verification email.

For example, your website with use an account on this website with a 10 Minutes Email. Once you complete the Sign-Up process using your email. The next step is to go to your email to verify the email. It is proof of your identity and ownership of the email. Once you click on the received email it is proof that you own that specific email.

Sometimes getting a verification email on our personal email can take a lot of time which can be irritating and time-wasting. So, you can use a Temporary Email Address to get instant email verification.

#4- One-Time Use

We do not use a few websites on a regular basis. But whenever we go to such websites, they ask us to make an account.

It is not an innovative idea at all to use your own email for one-time use. Once you use your email on any platform you will start receiving promotional emails continuously which is quite irritating and such unnecessary emails will use the dedicated memory.

The best recommendation is to use a Short-Term Email.

#5- Testing

This is best for developers and testers who need to test applications and software for different purposes. They have to create an account each time which is a very time-consuming and complicated process. Sometimes it becomes impossible because they must give their phone number for Email Verification every time. No one can afford an unlimited number of phone numbers and it is not even legal in some countries to have an unlimited number of phone numbers.

So here is the solution on our website which is the use of 10 Minutes Email, One-Time Email or you can call it Anonymous Email as well.

#6- Trails

If you are using various kinds of applications and software, you might know about the idea of using applications on a trial basis. In a trial version, the users get limited-time access to the paid software and applications so they can check. They can purchase the full version once they are satisfied with the features of the software.

You can use 10 Minutes Email to sign up for trail-based software and applications free of cost.

#7- Avoiding Unwanted Communication

Yes, if you do not want people to send you unwanted emails, and if you do not want to talk with someone via email. So the only option you have is not to share your email address with anyone. However, it is not easy because we need to use our email addresses on multiple online places for different purposes.

When you have this kind of scenario Anonymous Emails come into play. You can just create an email using our 10 Minutes Email service and copy paste it anywhere and get the verification code OTP for verification purposes.

#8- Avoiding Account Creation

Using our personal email and creating an account on any online website is a painful process. But when you have no other option instead of creating an account you can use a Temporary Email address. Yes, at 10 Minutes Email we provide a free email creation option for our users.

You can get unlimited Temp emails from our website without paying a single penny.

#9- Protecting Personal Information

As we mentioned above the importance and challenges of online privacy in today's digital world. There are both good and bad people who are also surfing the same internet that we are surfing.

The bad guys are always looking to breach other people's privacy and try to get their information which they can sell to make money. But on the other hand, there are good people who are trying to stop such bad people and give more online security options to internet users around the world.

There is a constant war going on between these two categories. Government agencies are also working tirelessly to stop such bad people who break into other online privacy. Who is stealing other valuable information like card details, bank details, etc.?

#10- Online Shopping Using 10 Minutes Email

Like me you are also doing online shopping, right?

If yes, then you must know about the risks and the precautions. Whenever you order something online, we use all our personal details on that specific website where we are purchasing any product.

We share details like personal email addresses, card details, physical addresses, etc.

Once we share our email address they will auto-store your email address in their database, and it is also automatically added to their email newsletter list. And next time whenever they send an email you will also receive an email about their promotion, a new launch, or any kind of email. You will receive this kind of email even if you do not want to.

So, to avoid this kind of useless email you can use Temp Mail, 10 Minutes Email.

#11- Anonymous Feedback

Sometimes we want to give some feedback without showing our real name and identity on any forum or some other online platform. But as you know, to participate in discussion forums it is important to create an account first. If you use your personal email your name might be exposed.

Use 10 Minutes Email, which will not reveal your real name and the email will also erase after 10 minutes. So, in this way, you can do the feedback without revealing your real name and identity.

#12- Temporary Communication

Just like anonymous feedback, you can also use 10 Minutes Emails for short-term communication with anyone. If you have to ask something which is not very important, and you do not want to share your personal email with them. The perfect solution is to use a Temporary Email Account which will last for only a few minutes.

Once you complete the conversation you can just throw the email. Because this is only for one-time use.

#13- Protection against Malware

Another especially important use of Temp Mail, 10 Minutes Mail is, that this can safeguard you from malware. You never know which online website you are using and creating an account has any kind of malware, which can be harmful to your online privacy. If you are using a Temp Mail, no one can get your personal email address and you will also be safe.

#14- Blocking Email Harvesters

Do you know there are a large number of such software available in the market that can be used to find email addresses on websites? This software can easily find your email if you ever used your email on any website like Facebook LinkedIn etc.

These people who do email harvesting can sell your email to third-party companies and they use these emails for marketing purposes. Sometimes there are bad people who are looking for email lists that can buy your email as well.

#15- Use of Disposable Email for Academic or Professional Use

Yes, our 10-minute email service can be beneficial for students and professionals. They can create temp mail for them easily from our website and use it for educational purposes.

#16- Use Temp Mail on Online Forums

We already mentioned using temp mail 10 minutes email for online forums. Sometimes we need to participate in online forums and write our feedback and opinions on any forum threads.

So instead of using our personal email, we can use 10 10-minute short-term email, so no one can get out a real email. In fact, it is also untraceable for normal people.

Where NOT to use 10 Minutes Temporary Emails?

As we mentioned many times 10 Minute Emails are Temporary and self-destructed emails that's why it is not a good decision to use them for the following purposes.

  • Important Work Emails: Do not use Temp Mail as a replacement for your work email for official purposes.
  • Banks, Schools, and Financial Systems: Also do not use 10 Minutes Email for your banking, educational and financial purposes.
  • Government Departments: Never use Temporary Email for Government work

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FAQs About 10 Minutes Email

Here are some most frequently asked questions about 10 Minutes Email, and Temp Mail which we are going to answer so everyone will be clear about these questions.

What is 10 Minute Email?

10 Minutes Email is a temporary email service where you can create an email address for a brief period of time and use it for different purposes.

How does 10 Minute Email work?

When you visit our website and create an email. It will create a short-term email address that you can copy and use anywhere. You will also receive a verification email on the same page of our website. But this email will last only for a few minutes. That's why it is called 10 Minutes Email. The temp mail lasting time depends on the providers.

Why would I need a temporary email address?

We already explained 16 different points above. The main reason for using temp mail is to keep our personal email inbox clean and only use it for the most important emails. Singing temporary emails can also keep you safe from any kind of online attack.

Can I use 10 Minute Email for account registrations?

Yes, you can use 10 minutes email for any kind of account creation. There are a few websites that do not allow and accept temporary mail for account creation, but you can try it on such websites too.

Can I send emails from a 10 Minute Email address?

Yes, you can use our 1-minute email service for both sending and receiving emails. You can also get email verification using our website https://10minutesemail.email/

Can I extend the time of a 10 Minute Email address?

No, it is not possible for the users to extend the time of any temp mail. But yes, you can keep the website page open which can make it long-lasting. Once you close the page the email will be gone, and you cannot get it back. Next time when you open the website you will see a new email address. This is the beauty of Temp Mail actually.

Is 10-Minute Email Secure?

Yes, 10 Minutes Emails are 100% secure and you can use them without any fear.

Can I access the same 10 Minute Email address again?

No, if you want to access the same TEMP MAIL again once you close it. You cannot do that.

Are there any alternatives to 10 Minute Emails?

Yes, you can check Temp Mail Pro Email Service which is the best alternative to 10 Minutes Email. Both are the best temp mail services.

Is 10 Minute Email legal to use?

Yes, it is 100% legal to use unless you will not use it for illegal purposes. In fact, if you use your personal email for unethical purposes, it is also illegal. So, your use case will decide whether it is legal or illegal.

Can I use 10 Minute Email on my mobile device?

Yes, why not? Most of our users on this website are mobile users. Our website is mobile-friendly and responsive for all devices. No matter which kind of device you're using, you will get the performance all the time.

Is there a limit to the number of emails I can receive with a 10 Minute Email address?

No, if you are using our 10 Minutes Email service there is no limit. However, there are other websites that have put limits on the number of emails that a user can send and receive. It depends on the developer or the owner of the website.

Can I use 10 Minute Email for password recovery?

You can use it but we do not recommend this for password recovery options. The reason is you cannot get access to the email later after 10 Minutes. Also, there is personal information that needs to be provided while recovering a password. So, it's always good to use personal email like GMAIL, or YAHOO for password recovery.

Can I use 10 Minute Email for online shopping?

Yes, this is best for such tasks. If you do not want to use your personal email for online shopping, try 10 Minutes Email. You will love it.

Do I need to download any software to use 10 Minute Email?

No, not at all. Our 10 Minutes Email Service is an online app/website where you can just visit, create, and copy the Temp Mail and you are good to go. You can use it anywhere online you want. There is no need to install any third-party application or software to use our 10 Minutes Email on your mobile and computer or any other device.